Internet Program Creation

Both offers include a full service.

We create according to your ideas with your own domain an own internet program with the features mentioned below.

Both versions include the creation of a professional and technical high standard CMS "WordPress" including your own text or text we write for you.

Your picture and video material is used according to your instructions.

Material considered not suitable for minors is protected with a "Closed User Group" or a System like X-Check.

Special demands in regard to installation of add-ons (e.g. order forms etc.) are possible.

  Light Normal
Own Domain Name Registered com-Domain
Mail Unlimited Alias-Names
Unlimited Webspace yes yes
Own FTP-Account yes yes
Unlimited pages  yes yes
Slider on Startpage no yes
own Pic Gallery yes yes
own Videos yes yes
Email Webform yes yes
personalized Web Order Forms no yes
Linked to Facebook and Twitter yes yes
Banners yes no
SEO-Optimised yes yes
Linked to 3D-Chat if requested if requested
own Live-Chat no yes
legal information according to local laws yes yes
Protection for Minors yes yes
own News Blog no yes
own Member Area with Email-Protection no yes
Online-Payment Systems like Paypal yes yes
Minimum Term no yes (24 months)
Installment Fee EUR 0 EUR 99
monthly Fee: EUR 0 EUR 79
Online-Order: HERE HERE

Is it possible to switch between both options?

Yes, -if you want to try first the Light-Version you can upgrade anytime later on to "Normal".

To switch back from Normal to Light is only possible after 24 months.

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